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ZetaClear Review – Is It The Best Nail Fungus Treatment

Having nail fungus is not life threatening. However, you’ve to deal with the pain. If you end up with fungus on your toe nail instead on your finger nail, the fungus can make your feet stink. You may even have pus emitting from the toenails.

Furthermore, your toe nail looks so horrible that you feel embarrassed to wear sandals in public. Sometimes, you lose your toe nail.

Perhaps you’re here because you’ve tried prescribed and over-the-counter toenail fungus treatment. And you’re a bit skeptical about ZetaClear, a natural remedy for nail fungus. In this ZetaClear review, you will learn whether or not it is an effective nail fungus treatment.

ZetaClear Nail Fungus TreatmentWhat Is ZetaClear?

ZetaClear is a non-prescription nail fungus treatment. It comes as an oral spray and a topical application. You can use it to remove nail fungus. It also prevent nail fungus from affecting other healthy nails.

How Does ZetaClear Work

ZetaClear is a two-step process which comprises of a topical solution and an homeopathic spray.

The active ingredients in the topical solution helps to dissolve the keratin debris, which is found above and below the nails. The accumulation of keratin debris can gradually lead to the nail discoloration and falling off. When the keratin debris is broken down, the nail can grow again.

The oral spray contain anti fungal ingredients. You spray it under your tongue for quick delivery to your bloodstream.

As you can see ZetaClear treats fungal nail infection from the outside in and inside out.

ZetaClear Ingredients

ZetaClear Oral Spray contains

  • Nitricum Acidum 30C – relieves the pain caused by the nail fungus.
  • Arsenicum Album 200C – improves the discoloration.
  • Antimonium Curdum 200C – treats the painful sensitivity underneath the nails.
  • Sulphur 12X – minimizes the swelling and reduces the infection due to its antiseptic properties.
  • Thuja Ocidentalis 200C – disinfects the affected nails.
  • Mancinella 30C – improves the discoloration.

ZetaClear Topical Clear Nails Solution

  • Lemongrass Oil – an anti fungal.
  • Vitamin E Oil – reduces scars due to nail fungus.
  • Almond Oil –  an emollient.
  • Tea Tree Oil – contains antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties.
  • Jojoba Oil – a natural fungicide.
  • Undecylenic Acid – one of the FDA-approved anti fungals.
  • Clove Oil – an analgesic for treating fungus.

Does ZetaClear Work?

When you check the ZetaClear reviews below, you’ll know that it is not a scam. There are real users with unbiased testimonials who experience nail fungus relief.

If you’ve mild to moderate nail fungus, the result is fast. However, it may take longer time to kill severe nail fungus.

There are negative reviews which state that ZetaClear does not work. Just like any medicine, not everyone will enjoy similar results due to different physiology.

Does ZetaClear Really Work?

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Does ZetaClear Cause Side Effects?

You probably have heard about the side effects from using prescription drugs. Since ZetaClear contains natural ingredients, it should not bring about any side effect. In other words, it is safe to use.

You only need to check if you’re allergic to the ingredients found in ZetaClear.

You Should Buy ZetaClear If

  • you can’t stand the pain.
  • you don’t want more healthy nails to be infected with fungus.
  • you don’t want your finger or toe to be amputated when the fungal infection goes bad.
  • you don’t see any improvement with the conventional medicine.
  • you want no more fungus.

Pros Of ZetaClear

  • Uses natural ingredients which one of them is a FDA approved anti fungal.
  • Minimal risk of side effects.
  • Get rid of fungus from inside out and outside in.
  • It is cost effective compared to expensive medical treatments.

Cons Of ZetaClear

  • You can’t buy ZetaClear at the stores. You can only order it online.
  • No money back guarantee for used products. This is probably the #1 complaint.


ZetaClear Before And After PhotoWhen you’re considering the best nail fungus treatment, always make your decision based on the active ingredients. Undecylenic Acid is found in other brands but you’ve to pay more. On the other hand, ZetaClear contains the same ingredient but at a lower price. You want to pay for the active ingredients and not the fillers or other non-active ingredients.

ZetaClear will not cure your nail fungus overnight. It’ll take time to see results but it is very effective. If you’ve consulted doctors before, you know how expensive is the treatment.

The most important thing is that it can get rid of the fungus for good provided you’re willing to take preventative measures to keep fungus at bay.

Where To Buy ZetaClear

You should not buy ZetaClear from other sites like eBay and Amazon. You may end up with a counterfeit product. It is best to order directly from ZetaClear official website.

For the best discount, choose “Buy 3 packages and get 2 Free” package. You’ll save 40% per pack of the original price. No coupon required.

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Heart Risk From Extra Pounds Can Be Lower Through Unsaturated Fat Intake

Not all the time you can stop weight gain even though you have no plans to put on extra pounds. Yet one study offers a limelight on how your diet affects your heart even though your weight has ballooned up.

I read this study from Reuter about a study by the Unit for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism at Uppsala Science Park in Sweden. According to the researchers, you have less chances of developing heart problems if all those extra calories come from unsaturated fats.

Obviously, when your weight increases, your heart risk increases too. But unsaturated fat rich diet can neutralize the risk of heart diseases.

If you gain 3 pounds, the markers of heart disease risk factors such as insulin resistance and under performance vascular function increase. This weight gain on a short term is not going to ruin your health but if your weight continues to rise, the danger becomes real.

During the study, even though the participants had put on extra pounds and ate more calories, their cholesterol levels reduced as the result of unsaturated fats.

The 7-week study involved two groups of young, lean, healthy volunteers. They maintained the same diet and fitness routines. But they were given additional calories. They were fed with muffins which were made using polyunsaturated and saturated fats. Each group took different muffins.

Once the study ended, the researchers measured their weight, cholesterol levels, insulin resistance, and blood pressure levels.

  1. All subjects gained weight. An average of 3.5 pounds for each person.
  2. Blood pressure levels in both groups showed insignificant changes.
  3. Both groups had increased insulin resistance.
  4. Cholesterol levels improved in unsaturated fat group. But group with saturated fats, their cholesterol levels went up.

Your body reacts differently to saturated and unsaturated fats. For example, any excess fat will be stored in the belly and the liver. However, the fat will be less likely to be stored if you eat plenty of unsaturated fats even your calorie intake is high. Another example is that saturated fats signal the liver to absorb cholesterol from the blood.

You may not have to count calories anymore if you can improve your diet by increasing unsaturated fats. Rather of consuming dairy products or fatty meats which are rich with saturated fats, choose nuts and vegetable oils such as sunflower oil, rapeseed oil and canola oil that are great sources of polyunsaturated fats.

Natural Antibiotics Discovered

For thousands of years, the application of raw honey on wounds have been practiced. Fresh honey is plentiful in third world countries. Nevertheless, this source is depleting in advanced countries. I think you should know by now that if you are from advanced nations, your body have already developed antibiotic resistance.

The key to healing actually found in the antimicrobial properties of the raw honey. Researchers from Sweden’s Lund University attributes a diverse production of antimicrobial compounds in raw honey to a distinct band of 13 lactic acid bacteria. They wondered  how it would fare on infections such as ancomycin-resistant Enterococcus (VRE), Pseudomonas aeruginosa and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)?  The laboratory results was quite favorable.

So far the tests has been confined to the lab, only horses has been the exception. The horse owners tried different ways to get the wounds to heal, however it was the use of lactic acid bacteria that got the job done. It is very likely that the recovery was due to the wide variety of active substances.

When it comes to antibiotics, you are talking about one compound that is active; therefore the range of bacteria that it fights off is limited.  The 13 lactic acid bacteria has advantage over antibiotics as it can treat a larger range of bacteria. Just look at how it has protected the bees and their honey against dangerous microorganisms all these years.

Don’t expect similar results if you use honey from the stores. What you need is living lactic acid bacteria and that is what is missing in store bought honey.

Yeast Infection Treatment For Women: Your Options

Up to 75 percent of women get a vaginal thrush or candidiasis once during their lives. About half of them have recurring yeast infections. Once you have it, you tend to get it again. That is why there is a great demand for an effective yeast infection treatment for women.

Compared to men, women are more prone to get yeast infections. It causes irritation on the vagina and vulva.

Why Do Women Have Yeast Infections

Candida is a naturally occurring microorganism that lives in the vaginal area. Usually Candida albicans exists in small numbers. Lactobacillus bacteria make sure that their numbers do not increase. But when there is a decrease in the number of good bacteria, the balance in the vagina is thrown off. This will encourage the Candida to thrive, leading to an infection. Intense itching, burning, inflammation, and white thick discharge are some of the symptoms.

The first step for an effective yeast infection treatment is to recognize the symptoms. However, most doctors do not like the idea of self-treatment. The  symptoms associated with Candida overgrowth are also found in sexually transmitted infections and bacterial vaginosis, which should be treated differently.

Today, you can easily find yeast infection over the counter treatments at your local drugstore. However, based on the stats, about two thirds of who used them have treated the wrong infection.

If you diagnose vaginal infections wrongly and use antifungal creams, the Candida in your vagina can become more resistant to antifungal drugs. When you actually have one, the treatment may not be effective as it should.

It is better for you to get a proper diagnosis from your doctor especially it is your first time of having a vaginal infection. When you know for sure that you have a Candidiasis, you can’t go wrong with the treatment.

Yeast Infection Treatment For Women: Over The Counter And Prescription

Medications for treating fungal infections come in one, three and seven-day course. You can get them either by prescription or over the counter. If your condition is severe, you need a longer course of treatment.

If you have determined that you have a yeast infection and you are not expecting, you can treat yourself with over the counter medicines at the comfort of your home.

For mild or moderate vaginal thrush,

  • You can apply anti-fungal cream like Monistat and Lotrimin or insert a tablet or suppository into your vagina before bedtime. The treatment should be continued for up to three days.
  • You take oral pills such as Diflucan if you are not pregnant. Usually you don’t need more than one dose.

For severe vaginal yeast infections or recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis (RVVC),

  • Prolong the administration of anti-fungal cream, tablet, or suppository up to fourteen days.
  • Increase your doses of Diflucan to three.

Since you have persistent yeast infections, you should follow a suppressive therapy after you have healed. You will continue taking 150mg of Diflucan or use a suppository that contains 500 mg of clotrimazole once a week for six weeks.

Natural Treatments For Women With Yeast Infections

Instead of using medications to clear the Candida infection, you prefer natural remedies. Though they are not proven medically, but many women swear that they work.

Some of the common natural remedies that you can try are

  • suppositories with boric acid or garlic
  • insertion of yogurt into vagina
  • herbal douches

What Foods Can Help Getting Rid Of Yeast Infections

Candida loves certain foods such as sugar and carbohydrates. They provide fuel for the fungus to grow.

So if your current diet involves high consumption of sugar and carbohydrates, your risk of having bouts of yeast overgrowth is high. Therefore, you should eliminate them from your diet. That include any foods with mold and yeast.

Most processed foods use high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) instead of sugar Avoid processed foods too.

If you want to improve your vaginal flora, then taking probiotic rich foods, supplements or cultured and fermented foods is an effective way to boost the number of friendly bacteria. This way, the Candida growth is kept in check.

Yeast Infection Treatments For Pregnant Women

Pregnant women are more likely to have vaginal thrush than most women especially when they enter into the second trimester.

It is a bit tricky to treat yeast infections during pregnancy. You can’t simply go to a drugstore and get anti-fungal medicines. You should see your doctor first. Diflucan is not recommended because it may cause complications during your pregnancy.

Vaginal creams and suppositories are the only two remedies that you can safely use. The course of treatment usually last seven days, and you should not miss any treatment. Complete the whole treatment so that the symptoms can be cleared.

Creams and suppositories with clotrimazole work better for most Candidiasis than those with nystatin. If either of them is not working, inform your doctor so another medication can be prescribed to you.

Final Advice

If you want the female yeast infection treatment to work, here are some suggestions.

  • Don’t used expired medications as they have lost their therapeutic effectiveness.
  • Even when the symptoms are gone, don’t stop the treatment especially if the course runs in days. Just complete the treatment as instructed. Otherwise, your vaginal thrush will return to haunt you.
  • If you are having a period, use the medications. This should reduce the risk of getting another flare up.
  • Avoid sex until you are healed. It can be painful to have an intercourse while dealing with thrush. Sometimes, too much rubbing will make the infection worse and render the treatment ineffective.

Be Careful With Natural Yeast Infection Treatments

Candida live naturally in your body in small numbers. However, you can end up with annoying symptoms such as intense itch, swelling and burning sensation when the yeasts multiply.

Friendly bacteria like Lactobacillus bacteria maintain the acidic level in your vagina and prevent candida albicans growth from going out of hand. But the vaginal flora is delicate. Any changes in the ecosystem that reduce the number of good bacteria will cause an imbalance, promoting Candida proliferation.

Usually, the use of antibiotics, stress, increased levels of estrogen due to pregnancy or birth control pills, and medical conditions like uncontrollable diabetes can disrupt the flora balance.

Obviously, treating the actual cause should be the most effective way to get rid of yeast infections. So you should get plenty of Lactobacillus bacteria, practice relaxation techniques, stop using antibiotics and contraceptive pills, and avoid sugar and carbohydrate completely. You don’t have to rely on pharmaceutical medicines.

You may even want to try other natural yeast infection treatments that you have read on the Internet. They seem to restore the balance. Yet none of them have been studied extensively to prove that they work. In fact, some may even aggravate the symptoms.

We will look at some popular natural remedies and learn what are the issues with them. With this information, you can decide which one you should use.


Garlic is loaded with anti viral and antibacterial agents. It improves your immune system to fight yeast infections.


Garlic is strong enough to burn or irritate the wall of your vagina.


Most women insert yogurt into the vagina for the relief of Candida infection symptoms.


The vaginal insertion of yogurt may cause difficulty in treating Candidiasis in the future. Most yogurts contain bio-engineered bacteria, which can develop treatment-resistant Candida. Furthermore, most yogurts is filled with sugar, which fuels the yeast to thrive.

Boric Acid

One of the most popular home remedies for yeast infections is a vaginal suppository that contains boric acid.


You can end up with chronic boric acid poisoning if you use boric acid for yeast infection treatment regularly. It is common to feel burning while the suppository sits in your vagina. However, if the burning does not stop, you have to stop using boric acid. Otherwise, it can damage your vagina.


Most women use vinegar to clean their vagina naturally. Some use it as a douche to cure vaginal thrush.


If you are not careful with vinegar, it can cause injury on the vaginal surfaces.