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Mya Health & Skin Care Spotlight - Redefining Healthy Body And Radiant Skin

Be Careful With Natural Yeast Infection Treatments

Candida live naturally in your body in small numbers. However, you can end up with annoying symptoms such as intense itch, swelling and burning sensation when the yeasts multiply.

Friendly bacteria like Lactobacillus bacteria maintain the acidic level in your vagina and prevent candida albicans growth from going out of hand. But the vaginal flora is delicate. Any changes in the ecosystem that reduce the number of good bacteria will cause an imbalance, promoting Candida proliferation.

Usually, the use of antibiotics, stress, increased levels of estrogen due to pregnancy or birth control pills, and medical conditions like uncontrollable diabetes can disrupt the flora balance.

Obviously, treating the actual cause should be the most effective way to get rid of yeast infections. So you should get plenty of Lactobacillus bacteria, practice relaxation techniques, stop using antibiotics and contraceptive pills, and avoid sugar and carbohydrate completely. You don’t have to rely on pharmaceutical medicines.

You may even want to try other natural yeast infection treatments that you have read on the Internet. They seem to restore the balance. Yet none of them have been studied extensively to prove that they work. In fact, some may even aggravate the symptoms.

We will look at some popular natural remedies and learn what are the issues with them. With this information, you can decide which one you should use.


Garlic is loaded with anti viral and antibacterial agents. It improves your immune system to fight yeast infections.


Garlic is strong enough to burn or irritate the wall of your vagina.


Most women insert yogurt into the vagina for the relief of Candida infection symptoms.


The vaginal insertion of yogurt may cause difficulty in treating Candidiasis in the future. Most yogurts contain bio-engineered bacteria, which can develop treatment-resistant Candida. Furthermore, most yogurts is filled with sugar, which fuels the yeast to thrive.

Boric Acid

One of the most popular home remedies for yeast infections is a vaginal suppository that contains boric acid.


You can end up with chronic boric acid poisoning if you use boric acid for yeast infection treatment regularly. It is common to feel burning while the suppository sits in your vagina. However, if the burning does not stop, you have to stop using boric acid. Otherwise, it can damage your vagina.


Most women use vinegar to clean their vagina naturally. Some use it as a douche to cure vaginal thrush.


If you are not careful with vinegar, it can cause injury on the vaginal surfaces.

10 Effective Ways To Prevent Vaginal Yeast Infections

MiseryIf you are a woman, you can’t deny the misery caused by a vaginal yeast infection. This uncomfortable, itchy condition happens when the colony of Candida albicans goes into overdrive. Though it hardly harm your life unless the yeasts enter into your blood stream, but the symptoms are irritating.

There are ways to prevent yeast infections so you don’t have to deal with burning, discharge or itchiness. These tips do not guarantee that they will always stop the occurrences but at least, you will have lesser chances of experiencing them. Continue reading